A call for writers, contributers, and submissions

call for submissions

The plaNYourCity editorial board invites quality submissions from students, scholars, hobbyists, and professionals interested in urbanism, planning, architecture, and related fields.

Would you like to…

  • Build your portfolio?
  • Brush up on your writing?
  • Discuss your thoughts and concerns?
  • Reach out to a global audience of practitioners and theorists?
  • Find an excuse to further research your interests?
  • Engage in a productive dialogue?
  • Muse on what could or should happen within the built environment?
  • Brag about how cool your latest blog post was?
  • Change the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contribute or submit to the plaNYourCity blog. We are expanding fast and need help to meet the rapidly-growing readership!

The blog, and its related social media sites, are maintained by a group of practicing professionals in the varying fields related to city planning. While contributors are primarily New York City-based, the blog’s writers hail from all over the world, from the Netherlands to India, with a global readership of planners, architects, designers, attorneys, affordable housing  advocates, developers, students, civic organizations, preservationists, and all-around urbanists. Contributors are encouraged to abide by the ethical standards of their respective professions as they contribute, moderate and administer this blog.

Summer 2013 Deadline:

Submissions currently accepted on a rolling basis.



Contributors are encouraged, but not limited, to contribute based on some of the following ideas and inspirations:

  • Upcoming events;
  • Housing and housing related issues;
  • Public infrastructure issues;
  • Sustainability (whatever it means to you);
  • Parks and public open space;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon foot-print of cities;
  • Emergency planning;
  • Geography of a place;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Community based planning and its future;
  • New planning, mapping tools, and technologies;
  • History of a specific city, place, or a structure;
  • Public art and exhibits;
  • Neighborhood reports and summaries (with photos);
  • Urban planner vacations and site visits;
  • Urban agriculture;
  • Book, movie, and other media reviews;
  • Funny urbanism musings and comedy;
  • Video, art, multi- media submissions;
  • Crazy projects proposed but never built; and
  • Obsolete structures (like missile silos or bunkers, old military bases).

Ready to contribute?

Fill out this form with your submission idea and the editors will get right back to you:



The Fine Print

By submitting your content for posting, you agree to adhere to the following editorial policy and guidelines:

  • The blog administrator can request a contributor to edit, rewrite, or delete parts of their postings;
  • All pictures, maps and drawings posted on the blog must be created by the contributor, or used only when permission or copyright allows and proper credit is given;
  • Please do not include advertising material or copyrighted content;
  • Contributors are expected to avoid posting on subjects that would create conflicts of interest;
  • Contributors must be punctilious in crediting the sources or authors of ideas they are discussing;
  • There is currently no ability to provide fiscal compensation for submissions, however, you are encouraged to link personal website or blog information;
  • Profanity is discouraged – please be mindful and respectful of your peers and readers; and
  • Take note: all material on the blog is solely the opinion of the individual author and does not necessarily represent the views of their employers, positions, or necessarily those of other contributors.

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