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Grow Up, Boston

Boston is facing an identity crisis, and it needs to grow up – literally. Is it a global city, with ample night life opportunities, or a New England town, shutting down with the MBTA before midnight? In many respects, Boston’s identity is based upon its backbone – its outdated, stressed transportation infrastructure. Relatively unique to […]

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It’s winter again in Boston. Anyone who was there last year during February and March knows what that means. The ability to move about the city could come to a screeching halt in the blink of an eye. . The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, or the “T”) completely shut down last winter after repeated large winter storms, […]

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A Riel (Estate) Plan for NYC

Riel, 2015 Born and bred in Brooklyn, I firmly believe that the New York region remains the cultural capital of the world. With more people in the metropolitan area than in the entire continent of Australia, New York continues to harbor diverse and creative opportunities due to its inherent dynamism and density, catalyzed by the […]

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Ten Arcane Facts About New York City

1,     Beavers on New York City Seal:   New York City seal has two beavers between the arms of a windmill denoting that the city was founded by Dutch fur traders. The date on the city seal had been 1664 when Dutch surrendered the city to British. In 1974 the City Council decided to change the […]

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Enabling Communities to Build Their Own Plazas

  All over the country more and more cities are catching on to the idea that public space can be created quickly and cheaply; expensive master plans are becoming a thing of the past. Typically a community partner—a business improvement district or non-profit community organization—can apply through the municipality to transform an excessive roadway into […]

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Glimpse: Fulton Center

“Glimpse” is a new PYC series for on-the-go readers interested in concise, image-laden posts… The well-lit Fulton Center will be completely opened within the next few months, but I was granted access to the construction site in late August, in the company of Daniel Peterson, PE, who came up with the floor plan for the Fulton Center. […]

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To my first love in a new city

By Alyssa Campbell Dear Parc de la Fontaine, Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I would let you know what you have meant to me these past few months. Since I first laid my eyes upon you that first day I spent in the city of Montreal, we’ve been intertwined in an inexorable love affair. […]

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Architecture of Death

While New Orleans is probably the best known city for its cemeteries, New York has some really lovely ones. A magnet for history buffs and bird watchers, Green-Wood is a Revolutionary War historic site (the Battle of Long Island was fought in 1776 across what is now its grounds), a designated site on the Civil […]

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“The Bean” by Anish Kapoor

Bean or Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park is a piece of sculpture that is fast becoming an iconic symbol for that City.  It is designed by Indian born, British sculptor Anish Kapoor.  Its official name is Cloud Gate but everyone calls it “The Bean”.  People seems to like this sculpture, it is shaped like […]

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Rad New Bike Park

My best friend’s older brother was REALLY into dirt bikes when I was a kid. Thus I was full of envy for want of a Mongoose and was constantly watching Rad. Yep, this movie*: So, understandably, I am very excited about the new Brooklyn Bike Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can rent bikes there for […]

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