Wrapup Friday – May 31st

This one goes out to all my nerdz…

Unless you have been living in mud shelter in southern California with George and Oscar Bluth (a Season 4 reference for non-Netflix users), then you must have heard about the latest Google Street View-related game GeoGuesser.

screenshot from geoguesser

screenshot from geoguesser

screenshot of mapcrunch

screenshot of mapcrunch

 GeoGuesser drops you into the middle of nowhere (or somewhere) and you have to guess where on the globe you are. Depending on how close your guess is, your score increases. Along the same lines is MapCrunch, a cross between Google Street View and the premise of the movie Hangover, you are dropped into the middle of nowhere (or somewhere) and your goal is to get to the nearest airport to make it home.

screenshot of strut app

screenshot of strut app

Part RPG, part Google Map, part Foursquare, the new personal map exploration game called Strut is a mobile app which lets users reveal their neighborhoods. If you are familiar with videogames, your initial map is covered in a “Fog of War” grid. As you move around in the real-world, the explored grids become visible. This not only encourages you to explore new grid pieces, but also to travel along different routes. You can compete with other players around the world and win badges (as well as level up), or you can keep your data private. The app is currently only available for iPhones 😦

screenshot of citibike map

screenshot of citibike map

For New Yorkers and bicycle lovers, you have probably been inundated with citibike news, New York City’s brand new bike-share program which opened this past Monday. You may be aware of the bikeshare program, but there is also an associated mobile app which makes citibike a much better program overall. The citibike app is a mapping tool which shows stations locations, bike availability, route planning, and other geographic information.

screenshot of myreading mapped: marco polo's travels

screenshot of myreading mapped: marco polo’s travels

A final mapping tool, MyReadingMapped, helps make historical reading come to life. Based on explorer’s routes, historical events, and battle-sites, MyReadingMapped lets users find out where in the world history actually occurred. All you need is Google Earth and you can begin exploring away!

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