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Water Pollution Gaurdian

What Have We Done

The Guardian of UK published a series of pictures highlighting the toxic waste and sewage we are dumping into our waterways and oceans. These pictures are worth a thousand words, showing our disregard for our environment. Syed Ahmed

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Joh Hopkins Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center

Art and Healing

I recently spent a week at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to be with my brother who was having a surgery. I was restless and had plenty of time at hand to walk the many corridors connecting the hospitals’ wings. Luckily, the Mayo Clinic has an amazing collection of artwork, thoughtfully curated and displayed […]

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Over Population and Overconsumption in Pictures

Recently the Guardian published a series of pictures depicting the effects of overpopulation and the abuse we heaped on the planet.  Pictures are also accompanied with a short description of the place and the issue it highlights.    

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The Golgotha Crucifix topping the smaller dome of the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM: Sanctity of Jerusalem in Christianity

This is the second installment of the history of Jerusalem, the first part; Sanctity of Jerusalem in Judaism was posted earlier. The story of Jerusalem is closely tied to the history of the three western religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Originally Jerusalem was a small Canaanite settlement brought out of obscurity to the world stage […]

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European Editor Ron Woudstra

Introducing Ron Woudstra, New European Editor of PlanYourCity

PlanYourCity is happy to announce Ron Woudstra as our European Editor.  Ron will be reporting on current planning issues and topics in Europe, as well as helping to grow our presence in Europe and coordinate the efforts of our European contributors. Ron is a city planner from The Netherlands whose interests intersect at transportation planning, urban design, and […]

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Jerusalem: Sanctity of Jerusalem in Judaism

This is a four-part series covering the 4,000 year history of the city. This post and the subsequent three posts would focus why this City is important to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The first written account of Jerusalem appears in Egyptian records dating back to 1700 BC. Jerusalem is located 32 miles east of the […]

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Welcome to plaNYourCity!

This blog is a means of sharing ideas, information, photos, maps and research related to planning, architecture and urbanism.  We hope that the exchange of perspectives on planning, housing, transportation, architecture and the built environment will enhance the understanding of planning principles and practices and how they affect the lives of urban dwellers. A group […]

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