Introducing Ron Woudstra, New European Editor of PlanYourCity

European Editor Ron Woudstra

European Editor Ron Woudstra

PlanYourCity is happy to announce Ron Woudstra as our European Editor.  Ron will be reporting on current planning issues and topics in Europe, as well as helping to grow our presence in Europe and coordinate the efforts of our European contributors.

Ron is a city planner from The Netherlands whose interests intersect at transportation planning, urban design, and land use regulations. He has spent his career crisscrossing the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and The Netherlands.

Most recently, Ron has worked on several large-scale experimental mobility management projects and traffic studies at an engineering firm based out of The Hague, and prior to that, worked with The Street Plans Collaborative, developing bicycle infrastructure plans and projects and researching livable cities, throughout the northeastern United States.

He received his City and Regional Planning master’s degree from New York City’s Pratt Institute, where he focused on transportation planning and urban design. Previously, Ron graduated from the Human Geography and Planning program at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Geosciences. and as a part of his undergraduate studies, spent his senior year abroad at the University of Florida’s School of Architecture. Ron wrote his thesis on the comparative development regulations, comparing Florida’s Growth Management Act to The Netherlands system of development regulations.

Ron currently lives in the Rotterdam area, where in addition to his transportation planning work, has been a blogger for PlaNYourCity since 2013. You will find he focuses his topics on transportation, infrastructure, landscape architecture and urban design, all with a special focus for current issues and topics in Europe.

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One Comment on “Introducing Ron Woudstra, New European Editor of PlanYourCity”

  1. David-Kevin September 24, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    Syed, It’s so good to see you posting again ! I’ve missed our exchanges and hope all is wellwith you.


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