Science On The Go: the Think Tank

New Yorkers love their mobile food carts. The ability to grab gourmet food on the street on the run is kind of a cool thing. But the next big mobile retail outlet isn’t gourmand fig and duck on a stick, rather it’s science. SCIENCE!

Enter the Think Tank: a mobile cognitive science lab and education station. The goal is to drive this brainy bus to schools and museums and teach science through experiential learning.

think tank video

If you are interested to learn more about the Think Tank and help this noble venture get off the ground, you are invited to their BrainBash 2013 fundraiser:

Tuesday, June 18th @ 35 West 67th Street

Tickets include:

  • Dinner and drink
  • Neuroscience rock from the Amygdaloids, a band of neuroscientists lead by world-famous researcher, Joe LeDoux
  • Brain-controlled games provided by two-time TED speaker and CEO of Emotiv Lifesciences, Tan Le
  • Science cinema from Neurodome and the NY Times-featured Imagine Science Film Festival
  • STEM goodies that we’ll be auctioning off
  • A warm heart from having funded Think Tank visits to classrooms, where it will inspire young minds.

So what does this fundraiser get Think Tank? Each ticket purchase funds a week-long visit from the mobile lab. That’s a pretty great bang for your buck!


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