Love Letters

Since this month happens to be 2/14 (a whole Valentine’s month!) we have asked our writers to post love letters to urban planning/architecture related things to express how deep their love is for the neighborhoods, cities, streets, architects, land use regulations, etc. that inspire them. Throughout the month expect to see these. I am not entirely sure what they will come up with or what form they will take, but I am hoping they will come up with something on par with Air Supply’s beautiful expression of love for Coney Island.

If you also would like to submit one, please feel free to contact us or post in the comments!

Happy February!

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2 Comments on “Love Letters”

  1. jaxnemesis February 10, 2014 at 7:50 pm #

    Love poem to Melbourne

    Melbourne, my Melbourne
    Be my valentine
    Melbourne, oh Melbourne
    Say that you’ll be mine

    There’s so much to love
    So much to celebrate
    So much to proudly say
    “Melbourne, you’re just great”

    With your little lanes
    And cobbled alleyways
    You’ve retained your history
    Which makes me amazed

    Your parks are lovely,
    Accessible and lush
    It’s partly the reason
    This is not just a crush

    Your size is small and perfect
    It’s to a human scale
    It points to your history
    And of your tale

    People flock to see you
    And I cannot deny
    That whilst I may be jealous
    I can understand why

    You welcomed me, this stranger,
    Over eight years ago
    You’re far better than Sydney –
    she’s all glitz and show

    But you, sweet Melbourne,
    Are quiet and kind.
    Sydney is about body,
    But you’re of the mind.

    Your bike lanes are better
    But I know there’s room for more
    Despite this little issue
    It is you that I adore.

    There’s just no doubt, sweet town,
    I love you and your way
    Say we’ll be together
    Until my dying day.


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