Juzcar: The Smurf Town

Smurf Village - Metro Square

Smurf Village – Metro Square

Hollywood takes over the small town of Juzcar and paints it blue to promote their film The Smurfs 2.  See Metro Square   http://metrosquare.blogspot.com/2011/12/juzcar-smurf-town.html#more

In 2011, Sony Pictures convinced the residents of Juzcar, a small town in Malaga Spain, to let them paint the entire town blue including the town church and gravestones, to celebrate the premier of their new movie The Smurf 2.  At first it seemed like a bad joke but Sony Pictures promised to paint the town back to its pristine white.  

However, the townspeople found out that being blue has its advantages.  Prior to this publicity stunt Juzcar only saw 300 visitors a year, after being blue they received 80,000 visitors.  So the residents in a referendum decided by a vote of 141 in favor and 33 opposed to forgo their traditional white and remain blue. 

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