32 images that answer: “How Long is Long Island?”

Using a tool called MAPfrappe I’ve put together some images that compare the geographic scale of Long Island to other places in our region, and across the world.

As I’ve mentioned before, even though I live in Brooklyn I consider myself a Long Islander. I am from a town on the north shore called Mt. Sinai (near Port Jefferson), I am married to a woman who was raised in Montauk. So, to visit family I make make regular trips between Brooklyn and Montauk (The Beginning and The End). People are often taken aback when I tell them it’s a 2.5 to 3 hour trip (and that’s without seasonal Hamptons traffic).

“New York is closer to Philadelphia than it is to Montauk” I typically say… and typically they don’t believe me.

LongIslandMaps_0001_Layer 42

New York to Montauk = 118 Miles, New York to Philadelphia = 97 Miles.

Our idea of scale in the world is often warped, and i thought this tool offered a fun way to use a familiar landmark and help us understand our world a little better.

Some images were chosen to help you understand why it’s not named “Short Island”, and others to help you realize other parts of the world are really freaking huge.

Geography Nerd Warning:

Yes it’s based on Google maps, which is a Mercator projection… and yes, a map is a flat interpretation of a round world, so every comparison is not “perfect.”  However the guys at MAPfrappe created an algorithm to mostly correct for that, I say mostly because they still warn that “The calculations somewhat reverse Mercator distortions of horizontal distances, but not vertical distances”. Okay… so onto the fun.

Oh and if you want to play with the same outline of Long Island I created you can use this link:


Compared to Other US Islands:

The biggest island in the USA is the Big Island of Hawaii, this is of course by area. By population the Big Island is smaller than 2% of Long Island, which (Including Brooklyn and Queens) has a population of 7,686,912, meaning the entire State of Hawaii is less than 1/5 of our population size.

In terms of length the 118 mile span from Bay Ridge to Montauk us unsurpassed, even when compared to US Territory (and Future State?) Puerto Rico.  Also More People of Puerto Rican Descent Live on Long Island than in Puerto Rico.

Area wise Long Island is the largest island in the lower 48. The next biggest island is Padre Island in Texas… which is really just a 113 mile long barrier beach that totals 209 square miles… as opposed to our 1,401 square miles. So, I guess everything isn’t bigger in Texas. Oh and there’s also a pics of Santa catalina Island, and Guam… because its a US Territory.

LongIslandMaps_0034_Layer 4

I don’t think anyone on Long Island would complain if we moved it all right there.

LongIslandMaps_0033_Layer 5

Oahu is about the size of Nassau County

LongIslandMaps_0035_Layer 3

Longer than PR… and I think we have more Puerto Ricans too…

LongIslandMaps_0022_Layer 20

LI’ers often refer to the location of a bad parking spot as “Out in Guam”

LongIslandMaps_0018_Layer 25

My Aunt lives on Catalina… I want to visit pretty bad.

Compared to the Region

Like I said earlier, even in our region people don’t understand how big Long Island is. It is officially longer than the state of Connecticut; about the length of the New York State border to Boston, and longer than the distance from Ottawa to Montreal.

And for all the upstate haters, don’t complain about road funding being funneled to us; Our highways are just as long and used way more often.

LongIslandMaps_0002_Layer 41

They’re so close on a map you think people would be able to understand this normally… oh well.

LongIslandMaps_0010_Layer 33

Our accent probably varies as much as MA too.

LongIslandMaps_0009_Layer 34

LI: Longer than the span between English and French.

LongIslandMaps_0003_Layer 40

Grandmas Pizza meets Beef on Weck.

LongIslandMaps_0037_Layer 1

I -88 vs. the LIE

Compared to Other Parts of the USA:

Long Island is occasionally deemed worthy of statehood by its residents (an idea amazingly lampooned by Samantha Bee)… we would be the smallest state by area coming in 100 square miles shy of Rhode Island, but we would be number 12 in Population.

LongIslandMaps_0011_Layer 32

Somehow that small island populated that entire State.

LongIslandMaps_0017_Layer 26

Been Juiced in Houston, Lost in Austin, Don’t remember Patchogue…

LongIslandMaps_0007_Layer 36

7% of the population of LI… and yes they get 2 Senators.

LongIslandMaps_0008_Layer 35

Bridge over troubled Water.

Compared to the World

While we may be a big wig in our own nation As far as islands of the world goes we’re in a far different league. Many notable Islands share only a slightly larger footprint than us, such as Cypress and Sicily,  but when it comes to the big islands of Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Britain and Iceland we’re clearly dwarfed. That being said, many nations are not as large as you would imagine… Israel looks about the size of New Jersey, and Liechtenstein… well it fits comfortably between our north and south shore.

LongIslandMaps_0015_Layer 28

Only the West half of Long Island was part of the New Netherlands…

LongIslandMaps_0030_Layer 8

What if Southhampton was Southhampton….

LongIslandMaps_0027_Layer 11

Yep… About the size of Jersey.

LongIslandMaps_0028_Layer 10

Cyprus Hills…

LongIslandMaps_0025_Layer 14

I always forget how much bigger everything in Africa is…

LongIslandMaps_0004_Layer 39

Forget about Statehood… How about the Peoples Republic of Long Island?

LongIslandMaps_0005_Layer 38

Ralph Maachio is a Long Islander, & The Karate Kid made Okinawa famous among 80’s kids.

LongIslandMaps_0013_Layer 30

Liechtenstein… Even smaller than our townships.

LongIslandMaps_0012_Layer 31

The homeland of the most vocal 1/2 our population.

LongIslandMaps_0029_Layer 9

Homeland to the other vocal 1/2.

LongIslandMaps_0021_Layer 22

Ceylon Tea or Long Island Iced Tea?

LongIslandMaps_0036_Layer 2

Where’s Suffolk Island?

LongIslandMaps_0026_Layer 12

Um… I chose this image because of the Nations Size, not it’s funny name?

LongIslandMaps_0023_Layer 17

WWIII could be started over either of these prime territories.

LongIslandMaps_0024_Layer 15

You call that an Island? Now ‘Ere’s an Island.

LongIslandMaps_0019_Layer 24

Our fishing is Better.

LongIslandMaps_0031_Layer 7

Isle of Man, and Isle of Manly Men.

The End

Like a drive east on 27, we have reached The End. I hope you enjoyed that diversion… I even learned something un-Long Island related: Italy – Florida and Lake Michigan are about the same width. Let me know what you think/learned in the comments below!

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2 Comments on “32 images that answer: “How Long is Long Island?””

  1. Syed S. Ahmed May 21, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    Scott: This is wonderful. You should do this with other localities too. Lets put a featured image on it so it can be in our banner.



  2. Bill Grimm May 22, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Nice Scott, If people had to drive those distances in other states or parts of the world, they would hesitate. We do it all the time. Bill


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