“New World” Maps

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday, here is a post of “New World” Maps to peruse while you roll around on your bloated belly, gravy flowing from your ears.

First, let’s start off with an early map, pre-colonization, of the indigenous tribes:

Then let’s see a Viking map from the 1400’s (a supposed copy from a map made in the 1300’s). Notice “Vinland” is off to the top left corner of the map:

Here is a map of the oldest European settlement in North America, St. Agustine. This map is from Sir Francis Drake’s (England) attack on Saint Augustine (Spain) in 1586. This map highlights an episode from Drake’s Caribbean expedition, pictorially portraying how the English privateer (pirate) captured and burned the fort and city of Saint Augustine. The map includes an illustration of a mahi-mahi, a yummy fish also known as dolphin, on the bottom left corner:

Here is a very interesting map from 1620 entitled “the meersteads & garden plots of which came first layed out 1620” and is the only known map of the original Plymouth town layout. And of course, it is not really a map as we would commonly call it:

What kind of blog would this be if I did not include a map of New Amsterdam (New York City) from 1660:

Now here is a map of New England in 1677 (north is to the right):

And a wonderful map of the famed 1776 Battle of Long Island (a.k.a. Battle of Brooklyn, a.k.a. Washington’s Escape):

And I will leave you with the most important map of them all, where your Thanksgiving meal originally comes from (interactive map on the other end of the link):

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