I occasionally become fascinated by people (artists, scientists, and other smart folk) who seem to consistently and persistently create good things, and then I think,

“Wow they do awesome stuff, but how can I acknowledge them and thank them for their work? Hey, I contribute to a blog! Oh, look! The dog is being cute!

Stare into my eyes…

Wait… what was I just thinking about?”

While attending Pratt Institute I had the opportunity to come across a number of people who make things and who make them well.

“Be true to your work, and your work will be true to you” (Pratt Institute Motto)

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my respect and admiration for one such person, Steven Romalewski. He taught me about cartography, mapping and GIS. Skills that have been incredibly valuable not only in terms of getting me through demanding studio classes and understanding how to create a cohesive message with geographic data, but also, I strongly suspect, for a big part of why I have a job!

[clearly, I am biased]

Steven has a blog called Spatiality. For anyone who is interested in mapping, and mapping well, it is a great resource. As another plaNYourCity blogger said, “Everything Steven does is amazing.

[so, it is not just me]

He also has a clear interest in making information publicly available and easy to use.

You may have recently seen the 1943 map of NYC making the internet rounds.

Or used his landmarks app.

Or thanked heaven (at 4 in the morning while trying to finish a studio presentation) for the glorious adjusted data set for MTA subway routes.

Or been shocked at the census participation maps.

His projects are mostly done through his work as Director of the CUNY Mapping Service at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. These projects are not only helpful and enlightening in and of themselves, but he uses the blog to also document how many are done. Whether you call it knowledge transfer, metadata or a how-to guide, it is certainly a delight that someone takes the time to share this valuable information.

[Thank you, Steven]

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