Water in the City

In case anyone missed it, San Francisco banned water bottles smaller than 21 ounces from City-owned property in the spring, which is pretty amazing.

New York City, in spite of the previous Mayor’s attacks on more sugary drinks, has not gone so far, but has been using more of a carrot approach to try to get people to start drinking from water fountains, and to forgo the bottles. Brooklyn (I am happy to say) is the borough with the most drinking fountains, according to the EDC, in case you were wondering. Although Brooklyn is no Rome, which is my favorite City when it comes to delicious, cold and abundant drinking fountains.

It would be nice to see a carrot + stick approach, and I hope that cities start moving towards both more public fountains and restricting bottled water.

And remember, water should not be wasted, so remember to get caps for the fire hydrants should the heat drive you to open them. In New York City, you just have to ask the local fire house for them, police precincts might have them too.





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2 Comments on “Water in the City”

  1. Eugene M. Riel III July 28, 2014 at 9:30 am #

    People don’t realize we’re facing a world-wide water crisis. Everyone should see Blue Gold documentary, and start collecting rainwater in barrels! And it might be a good idea to encourage reusing those plastic bottles instead of throwing them out. And another idea would be putting a 25 cent deposit on them instead of a nickel – only homeless, desperate people are turning them in for deposits.


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