Link Roundup!

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Inspired by one of the only relatively warm days of 2014 this past weekend (at least for us northern folk), I found myself reading and dreaming about long bike rides and general urban exploration. This week’s link roundup reflects these dreams and seeks to instill hope that perhaps one day the seemingly neverending polar vortex will politely disappear and make way for bike-worthy weather.

  • Heading to Indianapolis anytime soon? There is a new(ish) Cultural Trail that’s BYOB(ike) and will take you through the center of the city, as well as surrounding historic neighborhoods, on its eight-mile protected bike path. Yes, protected. Even Copenhagen has bike path-envy, according to Indianapolis officials. If you can’t make it to Indy anytime soon, here’s a video: video!
  • And while Indianapolis is bringing cyclists downtown, London is pushing them to the periphery of the city. But never fear, Sir Foster is still thinking pie in the…bikes in the sky. This concept–the creation of an elevated bike lane above train lines–has been floating (ahem) around for a few years now, but now we’re getting some renderings.
  • Speaking of trains, the recent Supreme Court ruling against the rails-to-trails program (from which the beloved High Line emerged) has many citizens and states questioning the future of recreation and bike networks currently located on railroad right of ways. This handy infographic from the Rails to Trails Conservancy might help.
  • But back to London for a moment, where mayor Boris Johnson has funded the development of “Mini Hollands” in three outer borough neighborhoods. Despite sounding like a destination at Epcot, or a historic district in Pennsylvania, the development of a “pontoon-style” bike path along the Thames is a strategy that many cities with centralized bodies of water could learn from.
  • Why this isn’t an international holiday is beyond me, but March 4th marked the 100th anniversary of the Cycle Path Society, the first Dutch cycling advocacy group. I will be celebrating this weekend.
  • And now for your moment of zen/justice.


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2 Comments on “Link Roundup!”

  1. Rayn Riel March 20, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Cool, thanks for a great piece! Do you know how the High Line was “annexed” by the City from Conrail? Did they have to buy it?


  2. Syed S. Ahmed July 16, 2014 at 6:55 pm #

    Great piece, thanks for the links.


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