As a city-dwelling dog owner, the use of salt to deice sidewalks upsets me. Mostly because it hurts the paws of my four-legged best friend. But it is also hard on the environment. Salt damages plants (street trees, etc…) and makes its way into our waterways. There was a great deal of concern about the salty ocean water inundating parks and planting areas after Superstorm Sandy, but not much concern about the salt we pour on sidewalks and streets during snow events, which can also be damaging. So this link provides some practical advice for environmentally (and dog) friendly methods to address snow on sidewalks. For those into transportation planning, this might prove a useful resource for designing roads (and nearby vegetation and fences) that reduce drifts, icing and the need for salt!

On the fun side of what to do with too much snow, check out these Snow Palaces Of China’s Jingyue Festival. And the new Montreal Ice Hotel!

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