Revisit Paris and New York, Courtesy of Airpano from Russia


Central Park -

Central Park –

Several photography buffs from Moscow started to photograph the famous monuments and cities with a 360 degree panoramic camera mounted on a small radio controlled helicopter like device.  These high-resolution films of the cities taken from a height of 50 to 250 meter are amazing to see.  Their panoramic views provide a detailed context to these monuments which is hard to get through a google satellite image.

Their team of eight members have created more than 700 aerial photo panoramas of 120 world-famous sites and monuments on all continents.  The quality of their panoramas is astonishingly high.  Airpano has posted all their work on

Some of my favorites are:


Sooner or later a  visitor to Paris ends up at Eifel Tower or Louvre.  Here is a view of both you may not have seen before.

Arc de Triomphe, the height of 40 meters:

Arc de Triomphe, the height of 200 meters:

Eifel Tower and Seine River at night:

New York:

The best of Central Park in new York from an elevation of 800 meters:

Statue of Liberty:

Angel Waterfall of Venezuela:

This is an amazing view of a natural wonder and its surroundings.

Machu Picchu:

Roman Colosseum, Italy:

Inside the Colosseum:

Above the Colosseum:



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