More About Detroit Bankruptcy

Guardian, UK

News papers and blogosphere published many articles on the plight of Detroit and what led to its decline. Following are few articles I picked to share with those who are still searching for information and answers.

  • Hundred and eighty-two year old Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit area. It has received numerous awards for journalistic excellence including nine Pulitzer Prizes and four Emmy Awards. Detroit Free Press has provided an in-depth coverage of Detroit’s financial woes. The article Detroit Bankruptcy History is an extensive piece with good graphics covering many different aspects of the crisis.
  • Pete Saunders an Urban Planner and Detroit native, he echoes an often heard theme in Urbanophile that Detroit’s fate was sealed by extensive White Flight long before all the other negative trends set in.  Detroit – Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  • Thomas J. Sugrue, an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania wrote about race and inequality in postwar Detroit in his 1996 book The Origins of the Urban Crisis.  The book won several awards and is a thorugh investigation of how race politics influenced the future of cities where large number of poor African Americans lived and worked.  

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