Friday Wrapup – May 10th

Here is your Friday wrap-up, with a list of things to look at and investigate this weekend!


The Rumsey Map Collection:

 rumsey map collection

It is a massive private collection of historical map archives which is completely open for public viewing (online). The neatest thing about the archives is that you can search for historic maps via a mapping tool. Just zoom into your desired location and the right-hand column will list the maps available for that geography!

Streetsblog: Children have lost the freedom to roam (video)

 streetsblog children freedom

Due in-part to historic (and ongoing) design decisions, we have decreased our youth’s ability to self-explore their community and grow as individuals, ultimately relying on their parents for mobility. A quick snap shot of the changes over time and some of the impacts.

Bushwick-Ridgewood Frieze Night

 bushwick ridgewood frieze night

Think the Randall’s Island Frieze Art Fair is too expensive and hoity-toity for the likes of you? Well fear not, because Bushwick and Ridgewood are holding the peoples’ Frieze, where galleries are free and open late. Check out the Bushwick Daily’s schedule and map of open galleries this weekend!

Form & Substance: Projection Mapping in Contemporary Art

Art from AntiVJ’s Joanie Lemercier:

Art from AntiVJ’s Joanie Lemercier:

Check out this free art installation this weekend at the Gowanus Ballroom. “Projection Mapping utilizes specialized software to create a projected image that perfectly fits any desired surface, including irregularly shaped screens, 3D objects, architecture, etc. changing its very nature; allowing for the surface in question to convey any message that the artist desires. When done right, the result is magical.” After the free show ends at 10pm, stay around for a music and art dance party ($10 admission).


YouTube Trends Map


youtube trends map


And finally for your statistical, demographic, and voyeuristic pleasures, YouTube has released a mapping tool which shows which videos are popular where, and to whom. This is too cool. I love technology.

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