Sorta Secret Subway

Growing up in the vicinity of Washington, DC was much like living in New York, you tend to take certain things for granted: I have still never been to see the White House or the Statue of Liberty. However, my extreme dislike of waiting in line does not mean that I am immune to moments of awe or wonder, even after living in either place for many years. So this post is to highlight one of my favorite experiences in DC.

dc capitol subway secret

In high school we were required to take a government class, which at the time I could not have been less interested in, unless they had also required us to complete the Presidential Physical Fitness Test during it (you know, just to add some humiliation to the whole experience). Anyway, two good things came out of the class. One, we were required to intern with a government agency of some sort. I interned at the National Gallery of Art and loved it, a lot. Go visit it. Two, we took a tour of the Capitol and got to ride on the Capitol Subway.

No, not the Metro, the mini train system that conveys our Congresspeople and their staff between various official office buildings and the Capitol. It is adorable. It was kind of like a cross between riding extended golf carts and one of those little conveyance systems that I imagine super-villains have when they really deck out their lairs. So while reading Hardball and listening to 90% of my Clinton-supporting classmates rail against the 10% that were fans of Bush (the elder) did not spark my 17-year-old interests, I was entranced by the cute little train system and wanted one of my own.

Most people aren’t aware of this mini-transit system, but if you get the chance (it seems you can’t just walk on it anymore) I recommend riding it.

Failing that, here is a video of a ride:

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