Happy Holidays!

Since Buckyballs are no longer for sale, and in keeping with the festive consumerism that annually wraps our country into a frenzy, here are a couple of [last-minute] gift ideas for the urban enthusiast who enjoys games (in no particular order)…

Urban Sprawl: Our own Alex recommends this one. It is a city building game (think Sim City board game), but you are competing with other players for prestige!

For those looking for some hands on block building/puzzle solving fun. Kind of like a 3-D version of Tangrams.

Ticket to Ride:
For those looking for a gift for the transportation planner you care about, this game is a competitive train building one. Our Scott has claimed to have designed a version of this one based on the NYC subway system, which, ahem, I still want to see.

Rush Hour:
Of course, there are still transportation planners who focus on cars, and for them this puzzle game could be fun. It is all about getting a car out of gridlock:

The Modern Architecture Game:
So as not to neglect our architect friends, this game is a beautifully designed trivia game created by Next Architects.

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