Hurricane Reading

Since a Frankenstorm and related full moon events are likely troubling our New York area readership, I thought I would offer some Monday reading suggestions.

For those looking to take their minds off of all the anticipated hurricane-crazed werewolf attacks…

For those who would like to focus on the here and now…

But seriously, stay safe, and be sure to check in on any elderly neighbors.

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One Comment on “Hurricane Reading”

  1. Syed S. Ahmed October 30, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Hey Aline: This was an amazing post. I loved the links and the article on making mass transit free. People saying that it can not be applied to large cities are just not open minded about it. I believe certain bus routes or certain times of the day can be made fare free to maximize the convenience while minimizing the loss of revenue in New York City.



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