150 Year Birthday of The London Underground

In 2013 The London Underground will be celebrating its 150 birthday.  In a new book, London Underground: How Tube shaped London David Bownes, Oliver Green and Sam Mullins of the London Transport Museum put together an illustrated history of how the London Underground kept the city moving over the last century and a half.  It is a history of visionary engineers and social reformers who created the system and continued to improve it.

UK Guardian has a beautiful slide show of 20 pictures taken from this book, ranging from an 1863 lithograph of Baker Street Station to 17 other old pictures of the system.

Some Facts about London Underground:

  • Opened on January 10, 1863.  (NY – 1869)
  • Number of lines 11. (NY- 24 lines)
  • Number of Stations 270.  (NY – 421 stations)
  • System Length 250 miles. (NY – 209 miles)
  • Ridership 3.22 million daily. (NY – 5.3 million daily)
  • Operating Hours 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM. (NY – 24 Hours)
  • Rolling Stock numbers are available in different year models.   (NY – 6,292 Cars)

The above information was found on wikipedia.com

A Modern day map of the London Underground:

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