The Prosperity Of Life’: A Downright Scam

‘The Prosperity Of Life’: A Downright Scam

Alex is one of the finest business analysts, entrepreneur and business blogger. Every day, a number of trading software and tools are launched and business applications and papers are published across the globe. The 25-year-old charming business enthusiast, using all his skills and expertise chose the best ones and bring them to the stage for the audience. In this article, let’s us comprehend and learn more about his review on ‘the prosperity of life’.

Every time when a tool or an application is launched in the market, we spend a lot of time analyzing its credibility and validity. Finding a legit money making solution is cool and makes things easy. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where scammers and fraudulent prevalent.

Same crap, new name?

The digital income-generating solution was previously launched in different names like the prosperity of life network, liberty need, Polaris global around the year 2009. It was dumped by the users after being found out to be a scam. More than 5 million dollars had been squeezed from the people. The same solution is now launched again with a different name.

What it is about?

It works on the principle of self-promotion and it can be best described as a marketing programme. They tend to motivate normal people to become High achievers and entrepreneurs by enrolling them in seminars, giving them lectures, undertaking personality development courses and so on. They lure people and make them pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the services they offer. It is evident that a lot of people are ridden with debts for the rest of their lives.

How to join?

Enrolling oneself in the programme is easy. We should sign up online and once we obtain the login credentials, we can start attending online lectures and purchasing their products. Even one can opt to attend live lectures, seminars, and personality development courses that happen in specified places. But remember the fee is shockingly high!

Is it worth the money?

Definitely No! The founders are simply reselling their course materials over and over for a huge price. The most shocking thing is that the company that carries out these procedures is not a licensed one. All the hard earned money of the candidates who have been enrolled in various programmes fattens the founder’s bank account. All that the poor people gains are nothing. Beware of such scams!