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Planning Dogmata, Part 1: Sustainability

Yes, I checked, the plural dogma is dogmata, and if this seems Greek to you, you are absolutely right! But what, exactly, is a dogma? dogma /ˈdɔgmə, ˈdɒg-/ [dawg-muh, dog-] noun, plural dog·mas or ( Rare ) dog·ma·ta /ˈdɔgmətə/ [dawg-muh-tuh] […] 3. prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group: the difficulty of […]

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Pralls Island (left) from Saw Mill Creek

The Rehabilitation of Prall’s Island

Prall’s Island (left) from Saw Mill Creek. Factory in background is on the New Jersey side of the Kill Van Kull. The West Shore of Staten Island seems a world away from the New York City most of us inhabit every day. Factories, power lines, and tug boats are the only vertical relief from the […]

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