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The MTA’s Missed Opportunity

Long Islanders cheered Andrew Cuomo when he intervened in the recent dispute between the MTA and LIRR workers, who had threatened a strike over demands for wage increases. When negotiations stalled between the LIRR, which had demanded a 14% raise over six years, and the MTA, whose offer to spread the same raise over seven […]

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The Tale of Mr. TOD Once upon a time, Mr. Tod arrived in New York. And the rest was not yet history. The tale is still, obviously, unfolding. Will Mr. Tod be able to create mobile, accessible, and affordable neighborhoods? Or will Mr. Tod only support luxury? Mr. Tod, of course, is Mr. Transit-Oriented Development. He’s more and more popular these […]

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Powers, Identities, Ideologies

Where do you live? A capital city? A planned city? An industrial city? A green city? A colonial city? An authentic city? A global city? A shrinking city? A gentrifying city? A spiritual city? A divided city? An ancient city? Perhaps, a combination of these types? How about a city with powers, identities, and ideologies? Ideas […]

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Fig. 6 - Summary of Proposal

An Urban Green District – Jackson Heights

When perusing the internet, I stumbled upon the Ecovillage Ithaca a while ago. As a planner and as a New Yorker who has yet to suffer through another putrid summer in the city, I was mesmerized. Of course I could see myself sitting on the porch of my high-energy efficiency house, after a long day’s […]

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(In)formality (In)justice

As many New Yorkers know, the rent is too damn high. The neighborhoods of New York have always been dynamic and ever-changing, and today, this continues to be true, but perhaps, on a level unforeseen in recent memory. Many are being priced out of our neighborhoods that they’ve lived in, sometimes for generations. So I asked Jimmy […]

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(Re)New Your City, New York City: European Best Practices for NYC

After waiting for three trains to enter and to leave Fulton Street before I could fit inside (there were delays), I had one more example to use when explaining why we need better public transportation. But what does better transportation mean? It depends on our geography, our culture, our economy, our politics, and our history. […]

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Newburgh and New ‘Burbs: A 21st Century Plan for a 20th Century City

The Hudson River shines only a five minute walk away, and the mountains and forests surrounding the river are surreal. From the bustling and wide boulevards – some of the widest in the State – farmland can be seen in the distance. Old, colonial buildings dot the landscape, which served as the Headquarters of the […]

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Link Roundup!

Inspired by one of the only relatively warm days of 2014 this past weekend (at least for us northern folk), I found myself reading and dreaming about long bike rides and general urban exploration. This week’s link roundup reflects these dreams and seeks to instill hope that perhaps one day the seemingly neverending polar vortex […]

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Tear Down This Turnstile

“Tear down this wall”. President Reagan referred, of course, to the Berlin Wall, which was behind him alongside the Brandenburg Gate. That gate — a historical entrance to the old city which saw Napoleon, the Prussians, the Imperial German Army, the Nazis, the Red Army, the Stasi, and so many others pass through — soon […]

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Is Bike Sharing Healthy?

One of the many arguments bike share proponents make for these programs are beneficial health outcomes because of increased physical activity. Empirical validation of these programs, however, has so far been scarce. This, however, is changing. Two studies weighed the potential health benefits of biking – more physical activity – with possible negative effects, such […]

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