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alex webb petropolis extraction

Event 2/21: Resource extraction and urbanism

Storefront for Art and Architecture Presents: The Petropolis of Tomorrow: Environments of Extraction Join Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York for a discussion with Neeraj Bhatia, Dr. Paul Fennelly, Rob Holmes, and Justin Fowler on the occasion of the launch of new book The Petropolis of Tomorrow. An excerpt from the Storefront’s event […]

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Carbon Foot Print Label for all Product and Services

Counting the Carbon Foot Prints and Changing Our Behavior!

In a recent discussion with a planner the question of over-consumption came up and how it impacts the health of our planet.  It is understood that we consume more raw materials than a sustainable eco-system can provide for.  In 2007 our (global) Ecological Foot Print was  1.5 planet earth, i.e. we consumed earth’s resources 1.5 times faster than the earth […]

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Moose are Dying Off

Mankind is often self-involved and indulgent. It becomes apparent when we talk about the perils of climate change, too; we are primarily concerned about how these changes will impact our economies, our cities, and our way of living. However there are thousands of other species of plants, insects, and animals who are at far greater […]

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Climate Change – The Verdict Is In

United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just published their fifth assessment report and the conclusion is that the global warming is caused by human activity and the scientific evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific body set up in 1988 by the United Nations. It is charged to gather comprehensive scientific assessments of […]

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Chasing Ice Image by James Balog

CHASING ICE: A Photographic Evidence of Changing Climate

  Chasing Ice is a film documenting the rapidly melting glaciers due to global warming.   In 2005 James Balog a renowned photographer, was sent to Arctic to take pictures, which would show the effects of climate change. National Geographic called it The Big Thaw in its June 2007 cover story.  While shooting this cover story in the Arctic regions Balog was astounded by the rapid change in glaciers […]

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CSO Resources

So far this June has been pretty rainy, so it seems timely to provide some resources on a problem that New York City and many other municipalities are struggling to deal with: Combined Sewer Overflows or CSOs. Why should this be of interest to you? Well, you don’t swim in your toilet, but do you […]

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EVENT: 5/17/2013 Civic Horticulture Conference in Philly

What: The Cultural Landscape Foundation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society are hosting Civic Horticulture When: Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: University of the Arts, Gershman Hall, Levitt Auditorium: 401 South Broad Street (corner of Broad & Pine St) in Philadelphia, PA For Whom: This should be of interest to […]

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Madrid Shows a Grand Vision by Reclaiming Its River Front

Oftentimes, massive transportation projects like bridges and highways can do more harm to a city than good. While they may bring efficiencies in the movement of people and resources, they can also end up marring a city permanently, dividing neighborhoods and bringing few quality of life improvements for residents. In contrast, some projects, like New York […]

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Scotland 2030

What’s next for urban planners?

As discussed in two recent blogposts, Fringe Planning and Community, the planning profession is at a distinct crossroads. Our short history of little more than 150 years has resulted in only a couple of major paradigm shifts: the grand City Beautiful designs, Modernism’s clean-slate, and oft-reactionary Participatory movement. Mired in politicization and NIMBYism, sustainability and resiliency planning […]

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Edward Burtynsky and his photographs

Edward Burtynsky, the renowned Canadian photographer has been taking pictures of  man-made landscapes for more than 30 years.  His photographs are massive prints of 40×50 inches, capturing the large-scale of human foot print left by industrial activity of past hundred years.  Burtynsky is an artist whose work displays majestic beauty with technical sophistication.  He is often described as an environmental photographer but his office in […]

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