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Enabling Communities to Build Their Own Plazas

  All over the country more and more cities are catching on to the idea that public space can be created quickly and cheaply; expensive master plans are becoming a thing of the past. Typically a community partner—a business improvement district or non-profit community organization—can apply through the municipality to transform an excessive roadway into […]

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Creative Class Controvery

What happens when a university, which emphasizes active citizenship and creativity, ironically destroys creative space behind closed doors? It’s not the same as when a university takes over a transportation hub, or when a university takes over a neighborhood — be it in Boston or New York. No, this is a catch-22 expansion into the domain […]

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The Tale of Mr. TOD Once upon a time, Mr. Tod arrived in New York. And the rest was not yet history. The tale is still, obviously, unfolding. Will Mr. Tod be able to create mobile, accessible, and affordable neighborhoods? Or will Mr. Tod only support luxury? Mr. Tod, of course, is Mr. Transit-Oriented Development. He’s more and more popular these […]

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Newburgh and New ‘Burbs: A 21st Century Plan for a 20th Century City

The Hudson River shines only a five minute walk away, and the mountains and forests surrounding the river are surreal. From the bustling and wide boulevards – some of the widest in the State – farmland can be seen in the distance. Old, colonial buildings dot the landscape, which served as the Headquarters of the […]

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Sydney Sings!

There is a pretty amazing film project documenting an unusual choir in Sydney being done by a friend of mine, Albert Lecoanet. His wife, Liz, is directing a choir of volunteers from all walks of life: Rather than having a choir made up of ‘just’ homeless people, or ‘just’ employees or ‘just’ school boys’, this […]

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More About Detroit Bankruptcy

Guardian, UK News papers and blogosphere published many articles on the plight of Detroit and what led to its decline. Following are few articles I picked to share with those who are still searching for information and answers. Hundred and eighty-two year old Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit area. It […]

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Healing Communities through Planning and Design in Rwanda

Today, largely as a result of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, there are approximately 2.8 million orphans in Rwanda. With the highest proportion relative to the total population of under-18 year old children in the world, Rwanda has an immense challenge to tackle. Earlier this summer, I went to Rwanda with my college in order to participate […]

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A child at the Boston Bombings Memorial. Jim Bourg / Reuters 
Matthew DeLuca, “Boston observes moment of silence one week after bombing,” NBC News, April 22, 2013. Accessed July 1, 2013. Retrieved from

Urban Trauma: How the City Deals with Disaster

The presence of trauma in the arts is nothing new. Its creation is therapeutic, and its legacy is even stronger: trauma art is some of the most famous artistic creations because they give meaning to an insurmountable feeling that is felt by an entire population. These people, who come together over the art, form a […]

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A Perspective on Neighborhood Change: Crown Heights

For the last supper we each ordered our own plate, five sides for $8.50. I ordered double kabocha squash because it’s my very favorite, accompanied with okra, collards, and chickpea stew. He chose a platter of mock meats. Imhotep’s, a Jamaican vegan spot on Nostrand in Crown Heights. It was our go-to for a hearty […]

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Taksim Square - Istanbul

Taksim Square: To whom does this public space belong?

Taksim Square is a central public space and transit hub located in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey.  It is a major tourist attraction with hotels, shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks. It is also a place where public events, parades, and New Year celebrations take place. Also, one of the largest and most visited pedestrian commercial corridors […]

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