Insure The Risks Of Your Business


Insurance is an assurance to either mitigate the risks or minimize the negative implications of the risks on the concerned. If we can set apart a percentage of monthly income to secure our possessions and lives, for paying insurance premiums of vehicles that have no guarantee to get claimed, think of the promises it can make for the riskier business activities. Your commercial enterprise deserves all the protection it requires to avert the risk overlooking any of its aspects in the long or short run.

Our policies for securing commerce

We understand the courage you have shown to mortgage your skills and wealth to gestate the business plan you nurtured in mind. That is why we are committed to impart security to the uncertainties that might bother your progress in the future. Full cover plans, term plans, lifetime plans, property insurances, lease, and rental plans, labor insurances are just some of the picks in the huge bucket list of protection we have created.

One size obviously does not fit all and that is exactly the reason for putting out a plethora of plans and terms, matching the business format your company is safe in. The market of my Company is entirely different from the market of a consumer products company, and so are their respective risks. The list includes everything that will take care of the continuation of the business and are tactically constructed by a financial expert panel in coordination with business consultants. Here are the newly framed policies that serve our customers with a twist.

  • Startup policies to help new-born companies to stand upright in the initial testing times. The terms will be different from that mentioned for a leading company like BTC Profit, even if the domain is the same.
  • Mortgage insurance plans to expanding enterprises for protecting newly added properties including tangible and intangible assets.
  • Infrastructure insurances to cover up for the depreciation or wear and tear damage of functioning premises and facilities.
  • Group insurance schemes to cover employees belonging to a similar salary structure, an easier method of availing quick-release loans with flexible repayment schedules.
  • Liability insurances for material and intellectual properties further de-escalate the losses due to injuries or losses from people, physical property and technical know-how.
  • Insurance on static assets relieves the loss-induced stress on companies that are wailing from non-yielding or unused properties that were once rendered as promising and heavily insured.

The twists are always getting updated with evolving challenges faced by our commercial stalwarts, to keep up with the risks they are playing with.