Crypto Currency being driven by Internet are now paving way to the hackers to loot their money of their internet. There are hundreds of websites that mine crypto currencies in India. This truth has been exposed by the security research organisation. Bitcoin trader is also indirectly affected by the illegal practice of some hackers.

In today’s world of crypto mining, hackers have used a new way of malware known as cryptojacking. It means that someone uses someone else computer to mine crypto currencies without their knowledge itself. This is accomplished by the normal people without their knowledge itself. For instance, the hackers sends an unknown link to a normal user through mail or some other means; so when the normal user gets a chance to open the link, then the a java script code runs automatically that runs in the normal user’s computer which in turn mines the crypto currencies.

These type of hackers mainly does their malfunction through the government websites; because mining through these websites results in high traffic and the it is of less chance to doubt the hackers due to the point of government sites are being trustworthy. Based on the detailed research, this point was put forth by the researcher in the field of security by Indajeet Bhuyan. Bhuyan along with his team used software in many Indian websites to find out the crypto jacking java scripts if any. This software has been applied to around 4000 websites from goidirectory.  In initial stages, only the normal hackers used to show off their talents for illegal work. But, now a days, the cryptojackers has also gained fame by the way they loot their money by the illegal mining.

Apart from government websites, the illegal mining of crypto currency is also done through enterprise systems as well. Around 119 Indian websites are found to be affected by the malfunction of cryptojackers.

According to Rajesh Maurya who is a regional vice president, said that the crypto jackers maintain a network of computer systems to run the scripts to mine the crypto currencies. It is also found that these crypto hackers are able to earn great revenue with a fraction of effort and time they spend. They also use some type of malware which functions such that, it prevents to show case the usage of these mining codes in a particular computer with a particular amount of money being paid. The hackers try this out to get success in crypto mining.