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From the "Made in Brownsville" website

The Other Brownsville

When I searched the New York Times website recently for “Brownsville” (the one in Brooklyn, not the one in Texas), the first few search results were as follows: 16-Year-Old Is Fatally Shot on His Way Home from a Party in Brownsville New York City’s Optimistic Tone Feels Out of Reach in Brownsville Brownsville, Brooklyn, Is […]

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Is Bike Sharing Healthy?

One of the many arguments bike share proponents make for these programs are beneficial health outcomes because of increased physical activity. Empirical validation of these programs, however, has so far been scarce. This, however, is changing. Two studies weighed the potential health benefits of biking – more physical activity – with possible negative effects, such […]

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Electric Car

When Planners Take Vacation Pictures

On a recent trip to Germany, I took exactly ONE picture, and it wasn’t of the Brandenburg Gate or the picturesque Rhine Valley but – of an electric car charging station. Mind you, this picture was not taken in any of the major cities but in a mid-sized town of about 250,000 people, in a […]

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Jackson Heights, NY

My Climate Resilient Hood

This is not about buildings on stilts, or inflatable plugs for subways, or barriers to keep the Atlantic at bay. Nor is it a plea for replacing your second car with a boat. It’s just about my humble little neighborhood, Jackson Heights, Queens, which fared quite well during Sandy. We didn’t lose power, thanks to […]

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Milk and the Buell Hypothesis

Close your eyes. Actually, don’t close your eyes – you won’t be able to read this highly insightful and intellectually stimulating blog post. Imagine closing your eyes. Imagine me saying “MILK”. Imagine imagining what associations this creates in your imagination. Chances are you see cookies (yum!), Santa Claus and cookies (even yummier), rolling hills, flower-dotted […]

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Planning Dogmata, Part 1: Sustainability

Yes, I checked, the plural dogma is dogmata, and if this seems Greek to you, you are absolutely right! But what, exactly, is a dogma? dogma /ˈdɔgmə, ˈdɒg-/ [dawg-muh, dog-] noun, plural dog·mas or ( Rare ) dog·ma·ta /ˈdɔgmətə/ [dawg-muh-tuh] […] 3. prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group: the difficulty of […]

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Be Hip and Be Square

WANTED: The reusable delivery box Let’s face it: The internet has made it easier for lazy people to be even lazier. Rather than going to the supermarket and shlepping home groceries, I can order all the goodies I want from the comfort of my home without having to contend with rogue grannies driving their shopping […]

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Saving Brownsville, Brooklyn

Canadian author Doug Saunders suggests in his book “Arrival City” that poor immigrant neighborhoods can thrive when certain conditions, such as access to property and education, and a minimum of social infrastructure is provided. How can these lessons be applied to one of the poorest and neediest neighborhoods of New York City, Brownsville? The past […]

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The Urban Event Planner: Jackson Heights Garden Tour, June 9 & 10

The problem for the Urban Planner is that there is nothing really to do in your free time. At some point, even the most downtrodden urban decay neighborhood is explored, the latest coffee place with a twist discovered and the craziest gelato flavor tasted. Nothing left but boredom and New York summer lethargy… But wait! […]

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