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Eminent domain, not always evil?

Eminent domain is one of those government powers that has gotten some bad press in recent years, mainly due it being used for economic development. But eminent domain doesn’t have to be all bad. Ellen Brown wrote a compelling piece on using ED as a tool to help reclaim foreclosed properties whose ownership is lost […]

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I love you like a BANANA loves a Historic District.

Planning Love: V-Day Cards

Some west coast love has infiltrated the internet in the form of the ‘Planning Love’ site that has Valentine’s Day cards for planners, architects, etc… Check it out, they are quite clever! I am hoping to see one that is a classier version of this:

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Love Letters

Since this month happens to be 2/14 (a whole Valentine’s month!) we have asked our writers to post love letters to urban planning/architecture related things to express how deep their love is for the neighborhoods, cities, streets, architects, land use regulations, etc. that inspire them. Throughout the month expect to see these. I am not entirely […]

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Mortgage Complaints

The 2008 mortgage crisis fascinated me at the time and then last year I bought a home. Therefore, I was pretty terrified during the whole process. Plus, I felt naked having to share my entire financial life to strangers. The NY Times had a recent article on “Complaints About Closings.” It is nice to see […]

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New Years Steam

[UPDATE: Pratt Administration has stated that next year will be the last year (not this year) for the steam whistles, at Conrad's discretion!] For the past 50 or so years Chief Engineer Conrad Milster has been setting up steam whistles at Pratt Institute’s campus in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve. It is a […]

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US Mint

Income Rising?

I was reading this article on Bill Moyer’s website, which is essentially following up on a Pew Study which indicates in very broad terms that educated people tended to see increases in wages over the past 20 years. Many commenters responded by saying they hadn’t seen those sorts of increases. I too haven’t seen them […]

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ProspectAve8thAve2013 096


Thanksgiving was a time to take stock of the good things in one’s life. Some of the things I am thankful for (beyond the usual health/family/friends items) include: having some sort of sense of humor, and having had multiple opportunities to work with creative people. One of those creative people I have had the pleasure […]

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GreenWood 003

Architecture of Death

While New Orleans is probably the best known city for its cemeteries, New York has some really lovely ones. A magnet for history buffs and bird watchers, Green-Wood is a Revolutionary War historic site (the Battle of Long Island was fought in 1776 across what is now its grounds), a designated site on the Civil […]

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Sydney Sings!

There is a pretty amazing film project documenting an unusual choir in Sydney being done by a friend of mine, Albert Lecoanet. His wife, Liz, is directing a choir of volunteers from all walks of life: Rather than having a choir made up of ‘just’ homeless people, or ‘just’ employees or ‘just’ school boys’, this […]

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Under the M train before Sea Town

Elevated Trains

I am coming to the end of my cell phone contract and have been going through the data stored on my phone. In the course of this rather banal task it became apparent that I have taken a large number of photos of two things: my dog and elevated train stations (or views from them). […]

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