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EVENT 7/2/12: The Critical and Activist Practice

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York is hosting an event that explores “what it means to be Critical and Activist in the context of design/art/architecture/urban practices.“ When: MONDAY JUL 02, 06:30 PM Where: Austrian Cultural Forum 11 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 Why you should go: Perhaps you want to tap into a […]

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Planning Dogmata, Part 1: Sustainability

Yes, I checked, the plural dogma is dogmata, and if this seems Greek to you, you are absolutely right! But what, exactly, is a dogma? dogma /ˈdɔgmə, ˈdɒg-/ [dawg-muh, dog-] noun, plural dog·mas or ( Rare ) dog·ma·ta /ˈdɔgmətə/ [dawg-muh-tuh] […] 3. prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group: the difficulty of […]

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URBAN NATION: Ensuring Fair Transit Options for the Elderly and Disabled – Next American City

A couple of months ago I injured my foot and was treating myself, in a manner of speaking, to a ride on each of the elevators at the Brooklyn Bridge /City Hall subway station. I waited with a young man in a wheel chair and as we speculated as to whether the elevator was working, […]

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I occasionally become fascinated by people (artists, scientists, and other smart folk) who seem to consistently and persistently create good things, and then I think, “Wow they do awesome stuff, but how can I acknowledge them and thank them for their work? Hey, I contribute to a blog! Oh, look! The dog is being cute! […]

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Be Hip and Be Square

WANTED: The reusable delivery box Let’s face it: The internet has made it easier for lazy people to be even lazier. Rather than going to the supermarket and shlepping home groceries, I can order all the goodies I want from the comfort of my home without having to contend with rogue grannies driving their shopping […]

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Organic Waste Management for Apartment Buildings

Per capita, the United States is one of the biggest waste generators in the world. We throw out almost 1,700 pounds of garbage per person, per year. For every 10 pounds of garbage we throw away per person, almost 4 of those pounds are made up of organic waste: things like egg shells, banana peels, […]

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-Train Station

Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found – By Suketu Mehta

Mehta, raised in Jackson Heights, New York, goes back to the city of his birth, Bombay.  A megalopolis of 18 million people crammed on a promontory of 170 square miles, jutting into the Arabian sea. His account of a two-year stay in Bombay produced an intimate but clear-eyed portrait of the city.  He takes you to places where only a native-born son can tread. He introduces you […]

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vibe map

Neighborhood Aggregators

Neighborhoods are amorphous, tricky things. Boundaries are usually the subject of conflict, their descriptors are highly qualitative, and in New York City, they are all we seem to talk about. Breaking down neighborhoods into tangible and succinct nuggets for consumption are what media outlets and bloggers do best. Everything from where the trendiest hotspots are, to the borders […]

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Saving Brownsville, Brooklyn

Canadian author Doug Saunders suggests in his book “Arrival City” that poor immigrant neighborhoods can thrive when certain conditions, such as access to property and education, and a minimum of social infrastructure is provided. How can these lessons be applied to one of the poorest and neediest neighborhoods of New York City, Brownsville? The past […]

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Mr. Stephenson, Tear Down This Wall

MEMO To:  Randall Stephenson, CEO and Grand High Poobah, AT&T From:  Erik Seims Re:  33 Thomas St., New York, NY, a.k.a. “The Long Lines Building” April 29, 2012 I’m writing to ask you to do something about this:

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