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weeksville heritage center photograph

1873 Weeksville and Pool’s infamous Picnic

POOL’S PICNIC Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 27, 1873, page 4     When “Big Six” thundered along the pavements of New York, George Pool was her keeper; now he is, if not the “Boss,” a very popular man among the colored people of Weeksville. During the last eleven years, Pool’s picnics have been the great […]

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BANG, WHIR, VROOM! The Arrogance and Vulnerability of Italian Futurism

To be affiliated with the cultural wave that was Futurism in Italy in the early 20th Century was to signify an unabashed optimism and join a call to arms to reshape, rethink, and rebrand everything that was contemporary life – photography, theater, music, art, politics, architecture, even toys. Championed by its tireless leader, Marinetti, from […]

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Colorfully renovated former working-class homes

Gentrification in the Plateau, Montreal’s most famous neighborhood

By Alyssa Campbell The Plateau-Mont-Royal is arguably Montreal’s most famous neighborhood. Ranked by many publications as one of North America’s “best neighborhoods,” the Plateau has built a reputation for being a hip area with trendy bars, shopping, restaurants and cafes. Yet four decades ago life in the neighborhood was quite the opposite, on the precipice of […]

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STROLLS UPON OLD LINES: Crow Hill and Some of Its Suggestions.

  The Bedford Hills – A Region Now Traced by the Eastern Parkway The Genesis of a Name – French’s Stopping Place.  [editor note: this article was first published in thee 1888 Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Article was retrieved from http://eagle.brooklynpubliclibrary.org and transcribed by PlaNYourCity]   There was a rhyme in one of the children’s magazines […]

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Link Roundup!

Inspired by one of the only relatively warm days of 2014 this past weekend (at least for us northern folk), I found myself reading and dreaming about long bike rides and general urban exploration. This week’s link roundup reflects these dreams and seeks to instill hope that perhaps one day the seemingly neverending polar vortex […]

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Tear Down This Turnstile

“Tear down this wall”. President Reagan referred, of course, to the Berlin Wall, which was behind him alongside the Brandenburg Gate. That gate — a historical entrance to the old city which saw Napoleon, the Prussians, the Imperial German Army, the Nazis, the Red Army, the Stasi, and so many others pass through — soon […]

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Cities lose big in Obama’s 2015 US Budget

Looming medical costs, a retiring workforce, defense department spending, and immigration reform were some of the major discussion points of the 2015 U.S. Government Budget, released on March 4th. With what’s been touted as alarming deficit spending, the Obama Administration and Congress chose to make large cuts to domestic environmental and science programs, as well […]

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John Ahearn Sculpture
flickr via peterkreder

On Love: Socrates Sculpture Park

Because of the well-documented, highly complex relationship between the world and humankind’s sensation and perception of it, I am of the opinion that even relatively simple messages are often exceptionally hard to convey. As such, any tool used for the communicative purposes of conveying such a feeling or message, should, if deployed successfully, subtly suggest […]

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Eminent domain, not always evil?

Eminent domain is one of those government powers that has gotten some bad press in recent years, mainly due it being used for economic development. But eminent domain doesn’t have to be all bad. Ellen Brown wrote a compelling piece on using ED as a tool to help reclaim foreclosed properties whose ownership is lost […]

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Should the internet be a public utility?

About two months ago, I received a letter from my internet service provider, Optimum Online, stating that my monthly bill was about to increase again, to nearly $60 per month. This price has been rising steadily from $30 about two years ago. Optimum’s service hadn’t improved, increased in speed, nor had the number of internet […]

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